FIRST EVER 10X HEALTH RETREAT – You will want to be in this room. Limited spots! 

Learn The New Way To Optimal Health Through

personalized precision wellness. 

The ultimate 2 day retreat to recharge, reset and realign - It's time to create your body's NEW normalcy together... The right way!

DEC 10-11, 2022 IN CABO SAN LUCAS!





The Cabo Mastermind is for top thought leaders, business owners, athletes, celebrities, the 1%... The world changers who are on a journey towards better health and wellness.

2-Day Live Event specifically focused on your health. To give you that EDGE to optimize your body’s function. 

There’s no question your body has the capabilities to produce more than what you’re experiencing now, you just have to know how to unlock it! 

It’s been our mission at 10X Health to show people the right way to true optimization and that’s why we are hosting the first ever 10X Health Cabo mastermind. 

To give you the tools you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and truly deserve. 

Get 2 full days with Chief Human Biologist and Co-Founder of 10X Health Gary Brecka has he pull back the curtain to show you what it truly means to live a 10X lifestyle. 

These are the same principles, methodologies and strategies Gary uses when he’s treating the world's best of the best. Names you see on TV every day. 

Because here’s the thing… how do you expect to accomplish all your goals if you’re not operating at the level you CAN?

During these 2 days, you will get to experience: 


  • OVERALL HEALTH. Immune system support. Increase blood flow. Reduce chronic pain. Boost your metabolism. Better sleep.
  • MENTAL HEALTH. Boost in energy. Elevate mood. Force oxygen into the core body, brain, and organs. Increase resilience.
  • RECOVERY. Lower inflammation. Reduce muscle soreness. Boost performance


  • Learning a variety of techniques designed to help regulate and control breathing for optimal health.
  • Best 8-minute breathing technique to boost mood, mental clarity, emotional state and focus
  • Morning breath-work routines that will change your life.



  • Helps reduce inflammation. 
  • ​Assists in repairing damaged tissue. 
  • ​Can improve cellular waste elimination. 
  • ​Aids in regeneration and detoxification. 



  • Micro needle applied stem cell topical facial to completely erase the signs of aging
  • No down time, removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • ​Improves appearance, youthfulness of skin, improves vascular supply and brightens and tightens skin.

VALUE: $50,000
First Member Investment: $25K

Get The Ultimate Chance To Meet With World’s Leading Experts In Anti-Aging & Stem Cell Therapy
This includes one-on-one explanations to any of your questions, what you can do to reverse signs of aging and feel 10X, and how you can work with us to optimize your health!



As Chief Human Biologist for 10X Health, Gary guides the company’s Global Wellness vision and direction. He has over 20 years of experience in “Bio-Hacking” and “Functional Medicine”—his passion lies in customizing peak performance protocols for individuals to achieve optimal health. He’s an expert on serum blood and genetic biomarkers. He also sits on the Board of NFL Alumni Association as a Health Services Director and is known as the “Celebrity Bio-Hacker”.


Ph.D. with specialties in spinal cord degenerative disorders and stem cell biology

As a Research Scientist at PrimeGen Biotech, Rafael Gonzalez, Ph.D., was responsible for developing PrimeGen’s preclinical stem cell/spinal cord injury model. Today he is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be superhuman and bringing his research to you. He began his academic career at the University of California Irvine, earning his bachelor of science degree in Biological Science and a doctorate in Neurobiology. While earning his Ph.D., Dr. Gonzalez led preclinical studies, leading to the startup Ability Biomedical, which developed an anti-P 10 antibody to treat several degenerative disorders, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and spinal cord injury. The startup has since been acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb.


Founder, CEO at Gentera Center For Regenerative Medicine & Eternus Biosciences

Brian Pla began his career in the financial industry as co-founder of a foreign currency trading firm. He has invested in a range of ventures, including telecommunications. Brian entered the medical realm with his investment in Ulthera, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive medical procedure to lift and tighten the skin around the face and chest. Applying his affinity for pioneering technology, he introduced PRP into Ulthera’s offerings, expanding options for non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures. Brian Pla founded Gentera to focus on regenerative medicine, backed by a research team led by industry-renowned experts to bring Gentera’s practices to the forefront of advances in both cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine and Biotechnology.

But This event isn’t just for anyone.

We only want highly committed, driven business owners in the room with us. Our Cabo Mastermind is a fully-immersive, incredibly engaging event specifically designed for people like YOU so we want the right players in the room who are serious about their goals, serious about multiplying their wealth, and serious about their SUCCESS.

We don't do these masterminds very often but the conversations in the room are unlike any event, zoom call, or anything else you've probably experienced before. 

This is an intimate type learning environment all specifically focused around those in the room. Our #1 one goal is for you to leave not only with your questions answered but specific steps you can implement immediately. Does that sound like you?
And it’s Grant’s, too. 

In fact, every single person inside of the 10X community understands that success is our duty and obligation… and we’re going to help you get there, too. 

The reality is, you don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to get from point A, to point B (or even point Z) all by yourself. You SHOULD ask for help and you SHOULD have a team that’s right by your side.

Whether that’s your own team, your partners in business, or your mentors, who you confide, consult, and WIN with are important. 

Great businesses aren’t built in one day, and they certainly aren’t built by one person. It’s the culmination of hard work and great minds coming together to build something worthwhile—something that will stand the test of time, creating generational wealth for you and your family—that saw to the success of some of the most influential, multi-million and billion dollar companies in the world. 

So the question remains, are you ready to be in the room with 10X bosses, billionaires, leaders, and entrepreneurs? Are you ready to learn from the best, apply what will be taught, and come out of the other side a WINNER?

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