Attn.: Business Owners Who Ignore This ONE Metric Tend To Struggle

82% Of Businesses FAIL Due To Poor Cashflow Management, Or Poor Understanding Of How Cashflow Contributes To Business!

Without This Key Indicator, Your Business Could Be At Risk... Find Out Your Profitability Grade In Less Than 60 Seconds!

Without This Key Indicator, Your Business Could Be At Risk... 
Find Out How Your Profitability Grade 
Can Make Or Break Your Business!

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the #1 Maximum profitability scaling Formula

Learn the path Big corporations use to scale, while constantly maintaining maximum profitabilty

82% of businesses fail because of poor cash flow management. Our calulcator shows you whether or not your business would be at risk during a recession. Poor cash flow management means one thing:  REVENUE IS VANITY, PROFIT IS SANITY!  
Did you know that there’s an easy revenue algorithm that would tell you immediately if your business is sinking, destined to fail, getting by, or if it’s thriving waiting for you to take it to the next level? 
We've spent $3.5M over 10 YEARS to study 4,000+ BUSINESSES across multiple industries...
Here's The Secret We Learned...

There’s a DIRECT LINK between your revenue, your employees and how much profit your business will make...

The MASSIVE amount of data we collected developed the first ever Employee Profit Calculator! It’s what drives and guides our entire company, helping us craft our yearly business growth plan. 

With a very uncertain economy approaching, knowing exactly how healthy your business currently is can be the key differentiator between surviving and thriving.

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The Most Dangerous Is a category we consider

It’s when your revenue doesn’t support the number of employees you have. This includes full-time, part-time, 1099’s, contractors, and anything else you hire out for. 

The second-worst spot is not even knowing… 

The reality is, most business owners are working IN their businesses and struggling to scale…
Almost always, we see businesses CRASH because they fail to understand these basic business methodologies. 
But it doesn't have to be like that for you.
As business owners, the last thing we want to do is FAIL. Not only for us, but our families, our employees, and our clients too. 
We worked too hard to be here, mostly through trial and error, and it’s time we change that for you

We Want To Give You The Tools And Guidance Only BIG Platform Companies Have

It’s the secrets and methodologies most small to medium-sized businesses never had access to… until now.

Allow us to teach you the quick metrics in your business that will show you exactly when and how you need to make moves to propel your business forward. 
You see… business is a process if you have the RIGHT guidance and capabilities. 
Without taking any outside capital, we've gone from $0 to $100m+ in just a few short years because we knew exactly where, how and WHEN to scale.
Whether you’re scaling rapidly or slowly, you need to hire strategically and intentionally...
And in an economy as shaky as this one… you should be working to make sure you’re scaling properly (and within your business’s capabilities). 

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Grant Cardone


Named the #1 Marketing Influencer to Watch by Forbes, Grant Cardone brings his 30+ years of experience to the table by helping you multiply your cash flow, increase your sales, and double your profits.

Brandon Dawson


After selling his last business for $151 million at 77X EBITDA, Brandon Dawson has dedicated his career to helping business owners grow, scale, and 10X their efforts by giving them the knowledge and resources they need to achieve all of their personal, professional, and financial goals.  

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