Limited Spots - $1M+ BUSINESS OWNERS ONLY! december 10-11, 2022 in Cabo, Mexico. 


So Must Your Business Blueprint. 

Learn the secrets to building an Unbreakable recession-proof  business. 

DEC 10-11, 2022 IN CABO SAN LUCAS!





In business the last 100 years, success boils down to one strategy. Get really good at the main thing. For most business owners that one thing is SCALING. 

What are you willing to give up in order to scale?... The right way?

For those that know what the most successful business owners know... You don't have to give up anything and have SO much to gain. But the crazy part is, most think you have to do everything. In all successful businesses, 80% of the success is usually made up of 6 key elements. 

It's the same in Cardone Ventures, Grant Cardone's company and the thousands of businesses we have worked with over the year.

The key to scaling your business the right way is knowing the philosophy to scaling, having the information on how to do so and bullet proof confidence to make decisions in any economic condition.

During this 2 day mastermind with Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson, you're going to get just that. Access to 2 guys (and their exec team) who have had THRIVING businesses in every economic cycle. 

So instead of asking what you would have to give up to scale... The question you should be asking yourself is... 

Imagine how many years you could shave off by having access to data-backed scaling blueprints that work in any industry, any business between $1M and $125M per year. What would you do to be in the room?

2 day mastermind opportunity for business owners looking to

  • Gain the unfair advantage over your competition
  • ​Uncover the tools needed to build out a 10 year growth plan. 
  • Structure your business to thrive without you.
  • Learn from those playing the game at the highest level possible
  • ​Open doors for partnership opportunities with Grant Cardone & Brandon Dawson
  • ​Fast track your way to scaling with less guessing and trial and error

But This event isn’t just for anyone.

We only want highly committed, driven business owners in the room with us. Our Cabo Mastermind is a fully-immersive, incredibly engaging event specifically designed for people like YOU so we want the right players in the room who are serious about their goals, serious about multiplying their wealth, and serious about their SUCCESS.

We don't do these masterminds very often but the conversations in the room are unlike any event, zoom call, or anything else you've probably experienced before. 

This is an intimate type learning environment all specifically focused around those in the room. Our #1 one goal is for you to leave not only with your questions answered but specific steps you can implement immediately. Does that sound like you?

the world is changing. 
you need the new world blueprint. 

Business is accumulative and what you do now compounds and affects your business the next 12-18 months. Things are changing FAST and you need to be quick enough to act NOW, but smart enough to know WHEN. 

That's why being in proximity and learning from those playing the game at the highest level is the only way to save time. It's why Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson are where they are today because they were able to get in the RIGHT ROOMS... 

That's what we want for you... Because we know one thing. 

Most have no idea how fast things are changing or what it's like during the next cycle because they've never experienced. 

If you don't where you're going and you don't have your business blueprint designed for the next 12-18 months then you're going to take UNCERTAIN STEPS and risk becoming a statistic of one of the business owners that are forced to close their doors. 

SCALING can be data-driven if you have access.  And if you’re going to make it out on top, if you're going to completely dominate your market and 10X your efforts, then here’s what you need to know…
  • In business there’s only about 2% of what you KNOW you know…
  • ​There’s 2% of what you know you DON’T know…
  • And then 96% of things you had NO IDEA you didn’t know about until you encounter it
It's what every business owner goes through... UNTIL THEY GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION. 

That's why Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson have been able to do what they have done because they understand what moves the needle. 

Spending the last 10 years, analyzing over 4000 businesses and spending $3.5M in research, there's a lot that we learned. Mapped the patterns and commonalities of very successful companies and we've developed a blueprint for you to follow to learn the 96%. 

It's why we have almost $1 BILLION DOLLARS worth of companies under management right now, working with our team on a regular basis on the right way to scale. 

We want to give you those secrets. 

Join us during these 2 days in Cabo San Lucas and learn the right way to scaling YOUR business avoiding wasted time and costly trial and error. 

collaboration is the ultimate currency. let's play this game together. 

Great businesses aren’t built in one day, and they certainly aren’t built by one person. It’s the culmination of hard work and great minds coming together to build something worthwhile—something that will stand the test of time, creating generational wealth for you and your family—that saw to the success of some of the most influential, multi-million and billion dollar companies in the world.

So the question remains, are you ready to be in the room with 10X bosses, billionaires, leaders, and entrepreneurs? Are you ready to learn from the best, apply what will be taught, and come out of the other side a WINNER?

At Cardone Ventures, we believe that success is the result of hard work, education and persistence. Examples given should not be considered typical and there is never a guarantee of results. Information provided is educational in nature and is not legal or financial advice. By using this website or any related materials you agree to take full responsibility for your own results, or lack thereof. Our team is here to support you, but you should always do your own due diligence before making any investment or taking any risk. Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

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